Hello and introductions

Hola! Would you like to be a Minneapolis bicycle scAVENGER?

Of course you would! Such fun and zany antics await you as a scAVENGER (we think it’s pronounced ska-VENG-er).

So join us on Saturday May 5, the Cinco de Mayo, for a scavenger hunt via bicycle through Northeast Minneapolis. Ride places, do things, find things, drink things, see things, make things.

Registration will start at 2:30 p.m. in Logan Park. Though this is a bicycle ride of superheroic proportions, it will be fun for riders of all levels.

Come in teams of five (four or six is also super), or come alone and we will find a team for you. Please ensure that at least one member of your team has a digital camera.

And since we are scAVENGERs — superheros of the road — our antics will serve the greater good of all things bicycle.

The minimum donation will be $5 per person, and all proceeds will go toward a medical fund to benefit Chris Zito, who was injured in a hit-and-run.

Stay tuned for news on the scAVENGER! hunt (and after-party) as it develops …


2 responses to “Hello and introductions

  1. Fuck yeah…

    that steam roller better make an appearance.

  2. And what steamroller would that be?

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