Zero Per Gallon

ZPG hates goats

We here at scAVENGER! are pleased to welcome Zero Per Gallon to the sponsorship roster. Jonny5 who runs ZPG was lightning fast in his response to our request for sponsorship. And as Jonny5 has been assured this race is totally goat-free, he’s shipping us a bunch of stickers and patches to give away as prizes.

And if anyone sees me rocking a ZPG patch before the race don’t worry I paid for that one myself. 😉

From the ZPG website:

Zero Per Gallon’s story

What started out — in a moment of caffeine-induced glory, back in October of 2005 — as a mere sticker poking fun of greedy idiots careening around with 250 extra horsepower of cushy leather seats and noisy, polluting, internal combustion engines only to sit in traffic with other dumbasses has since become so much more, thanks to the head-honchoship of Jonny5, Zero Per Gallon’s sole representative to the world’s entire human population.


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