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While there won’t technically be a second scAVENGER! this year, I am currently working on a super fun Scavenger Hunt for the Bicycle Film Festival.

If you enjoyed scAVENGER! as much as I enjoyed throwing it please mark your calendars for Saturday July 12th, 2008.

Check out my post on for more info.

Thanks for looking,



Benefit Concert and Raffle

This is going to be one hell of a shindig. You better make plans for this. I’m setting aside $25 for raffle tickets as we speak. Crawl on over to Save Zito dot COM and check out the details.

Media abounding…

The photos and videos from Saturday’s race continue to pour in. We are at 203 photos tagged with “scAVENGER2007” with more showing up every hour. If you still have photos to upload please tag them with “scavenger2007” or drop us an email and let us know about them.

Jake, over at Tennis, Everyone?, spliced together this excellent video of he and his 2nd place team, 100 Years of Attitude. He even used a great Boards of Canada track to tie it all together.

Race Results

Photo by herent

We’ve finally gotten around to ordering the point totals. Congrats to Team No Name who kicked some ass. Look for updates with the 100 word essays we made you all write in the near future.

And as soon as we can get our manifest converted into PDF we will be posting it for all you folks who couldn’t make it.

Team Name, Points

  1. Team No Name 382
  2. 100 Years of Attitude 366
  3. IN-YO-FACE (Won the tie breaker) 356
  4. Team Premium Gives Me the Shitz 356
  5. The Polish Cobras 350
  6. Spoke Nipples 347
  7. The Sweetest Plum (KC) 323
  8. Awesome-O 320
  9. Fearless Vampire Killers 307
  10. Apple Humpling Gang 300
  11. Team ? (enh) 295
  12. Fetus Fucking Friends Forever 290
  13. 2 on 3 Studios 290
  14. JRANK 280
  15. Fightin’ Unicorns 260
  16. Stegosaurus Rex 237


Thanks to the 90+ people who braved the rain and came down to scAVENGER! The weather cleared up shortly before the starting gun and turned into a gorgeous day.

We hear at scAVENGER! are too tired to think straight right now but stay tuned in the next few days for team order and photo galleries of the race.

A few mere hours till blast off

In a few hours MPLS’ fun loving folks will be ignoring the Kentucky Derby and gathering in Logan Park for some fun.

scAVENGER! would also like to welcome our out of town teams who trekked from as far as KC, MO and Chicago to play.

Just going to recap a few thing: To find out all the specifics please check out our details page. And for all of you sad sacks that aren’t going to race come watch your friends dash through the 331 Club and Grumpy’s NE. These two bars have been designated as scAVENGER! viewing platforms.

A big thanks Pat over at Grumpy’s for donating a bottle of Irish Whiskey to be raffled at the after party. Grumpy’s is rock solid when it comes to supporting cycling in the Twin Cities.

See you at the race.

Don’t take our word for it…

A few last minute details falling into place.

Roger has just finished designing our spoke cards. They are totally amazeing. You will want to make sure and get to the park early and make sure to secure the limited run of these one of kind pieces O art.

Thanks to the Citypages and the Rake for the nod. Jump on over there and see what they have to say about our event. We appreciate getting the word out to the masses about our broken but healing brother.