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Benefit Concert and Raffle

This is going to be one hell of a shindig. You better make plans for this. I’m setting aside $25 for raffle tickets as we speak. Crawl on over to Save Zito dot COM and check out the details.


Media abounding…

The photos and videos from Saturday’s race continue to pour in. We are at 203 photos tagged with “scAVENGER2007” with more showing up every hour. If you still have photos to upload please tag them with “scavenger2007” or drop us an email and let us know about them.

Jake, over at Tennis, Everyone?, spliced together this excellent video of he and his 2nd place team, 100 Years of Attitude. He even used a great Boards of Canada track to tie it all together.

Afterparty a Recipe for…


How does $1.50 taps, $2 bottles, and $5 pitchers of Minneapolis’ own Grain Belt sound? Sounds like a recipe for drnuk great time had for all.

The Spring Street Tavern has agreed to host our after party and awards ceremony. Not to mention our prize raffle. So bring your cheap ass down to the bar after the race and don’t forget to tip. The bartender. With cash.

The Map

For all of you paying attention to the blog here is a special treat for you. Give or take a few blocks this will be the borders of our race.


Plans, we got them.

We came up with truly evil manifest items in our latest planning meeting. All I can say is you will learn to fear The Die of Misfortune!

slimy die

Race Flyer

Hot off the presses.

scAVENGER! Flyer

Thanks mucho to our flyer designer Maranatha Wilson. Who worked very hard to get this done and did it for free. Check out her website for samples other samples of her work.

Anyone willing to do some promotion on their own can use the full sized JPG and PDF at their leisure


We are currently looking for some folks to host a few people from out of town. Anyone able to offer up some couch space? If so contact us.