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Great big thanks

We had a lot of help putting this together. Our thanks is overdue, so let’s roll credits …

Maranatha W. — artist, posters

Roger L. — artist, spoke cards

Mark B. — administrator, feats-of-strength stop

Bob S. — poet laureate with the riddles to flabbergast you

Jarrett and the staff of the 331 — I’m sure you heard how windy it was out there …

Pat and the staff of Grumpy’s NE — For the whiskey donation, the kick-ass jukebox and your continuous support of the TC bike community.

And again, thank you to our sponsors for making prizes, joy and envy possible …

Chuck of Behind Bars — Gracious donor of floor pump and tons of other swag.

Surly and staff — Massive donation of cool items including hubs, shirts, flasks, etc.

Peace Coffee and staff — Pounds and pounds o’ beans. Rad shirts.

Svetlana “Rocket Sanja” — The Loring impresario with the gift certificates.

Jonny5 of Zero Per Gallon — Stickers and patches.

Whoever those vitamin water people were with the fluid refreshments. We don’t know where that came from but thanks, yo.

And, of course, thank you, scAVENGERs, for getting your bike race on despite the rain.


Race Results

Photo by herent

We’ve finally gotten around to ordering the point totals. Congrats to Team No Name who kicked some ass. Look for updates with the 100 word essays we made you all write in the near future.

And as soon as we can get our manifest converted into PDF we will be posting it for all you folks who couldn’t make it.

Team Name, Points

  1. Team No Name 382
  2. 100 Years of Attitude 366
  3. IN-YO-FACE (Won the tie breaker) 356
  4. Team Premium Gives Me the Shitz 356
  5. The Polish Cobras 350
  6. Spoke Nipples 347
  7. The Sweetest Plum (KC) 323
  8. Awesome-O 320
  9. Fearless Vampire Killers 307
  10. Apple Humpling Gang 300
  11. Team ? (enh) 295
  12. Fetus Fucking Friends Forever 290
  13. 2 on 3 Studios 290
  14. JRANK 280
  15. Fightin’ Unicorns 260
  16. Stegosaurus Rex 237