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Media abounding…

The photos and videos from Saturday’s race continue to pour in. We are at 203 photos tagged with “scAVENGER2007” with more showing up every hour. If you still have photos to upload please tag them with “scavenger2007” or drop us an email and let us know about them.

Jake, over at Tennis, Everyone?, spliced together this excellent video of he and his 2nd place team, 100 Years of Attitude. He even used a great Boards of Canada track to tie it all together.


Reminder bring a Camera to the Race

“I Turn My Camera On” by Spoon

Use this video as a reminder to bring your digital camera to the race. Many easy points will be possible during the race simply by taking pictures of things along the way.

Why We Fight

On March 30th, 2007 Chris Zito was headed home from work (on his bicycle natch!) when he was hit and runned. The cowardly POS didn’t even slow down. To add insult to injury two cars following close behind the perpetrator ran over Zito’s bike and also did not stop.

Luckily Zito was able to dial 911 on his cell phone and summon help. All told he ended up with several broken vertebrae, a broken collarbone, a broken elbow, and a near week stint in the hospital.

He, like many Americans, does not have health insurance, and with the body cast he will be wearing for the next several months he is not able to work.

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