Don’t take our word for it…

A few last minute details falling into place.

Roger has just finished designing our spoke cards. They are totally amazeing. You will want to make sure and get to the park early and make sure to secure the limited run of these one of kind pieces O art.

Thanks to the Citypages and the Rake for the nod. Jump on over there and see what they have to say about our event. We appreciate getting the word out to the masses about our broken but healing brother.


Afterparty a Recipe for…


How does $1.50 taps, $2 bottles, and $5 pitchers of Minneapolis’ own Grain Belt sound? Sounds like a recipe for drnuk great time had for all.

The Spring Street Tavern has agreed to host our after party and awards ceremony. Not to mention our prize raffle. So bring your cheap ass down to the bar after the race and don’t forget to tip. The bartender. With cash.

Thank you thank you


We at scAVENGER HQ would like to thank the Loring Pasta Bar for generously pitching in to the prize pool. The Loring offers a variety of tasty food and drink as well as live music in its boho-chic atmosphere on the corner of 4th Street and 14th Avenue in Dinkytown, Minneapolis — just down the road from Varsity Bikes and Erik’s Bike Shop.

And for you, our dear scAVENGER, we continue to scheme … Perhaps a clever riddle to tickle your ticker and boggle your brains? Oh, we have such things …

Peace Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee and bicycles go great together, so we’d like to welcome yet another wonderful sponsor that has recently come aboard, Peace Coffee. In addition to selling fair trade organic coffee they also do a majority of their deliveries by bicycle. How cool is that? Peace Coffee is always first in line to offer support to local community events, as evidenced by their long list of events they sponsor every year.

Check out their history here and keep Peace Coffee in mind the next time you are about to throw down for a pound o beans.

The Map

For all of you paying attention to the blog here is a special treat for you. Give or take a few blocks this will be the borders of our race.


Behind Bars Bicycle Shop

Behind Bars

The good news keeps on rollin’ in. Just heard back from Chuck over at Behind Bars Bicycle Shop. We are getting a slew of cool and useful prizes from Behind Bars and we here at scAVENGER! would like to extend a big hearty thank you.

If you haven’t been to Behind Bars in Northeast, you need to ride on up and check out a very well put together bike shop.

They have all kinds of bikes. Many that aren’t sold in very many other places in the Twin Cities. And the shop space is very unlike any others around town. Its so wide open you feel tempted to do a test ride indoors.

Behind Bars can be seen from an airplane because of its bright orange exterior or at 208 13th Avenue NE in Minneapolis, MN.

Zero Per Gallon

ZPG hates goats

We here at scAVENGER! are pleased to welcome Zero Per Gallon to the sponsorship roster. Jonny5 who runs ZPG was lightning fast in his response to our request for sponsorship. And as Jonny5 has been assured this race is totally goat-free, he’s shipping us a bunch of stickers and patches to give away as prizes.

And if anyone sees me rocking a ZPG patch before the race don’t worry I paid for that one myself. 😉

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